Agenda Day Two | 9 May

Global Compact Principles: The Baseline for Business

These sessions are only open for Global Compact Nordic Network members

The SDGs provide a powerful aspiration for improving our world – laying out where we collectively need to go and how to get there. Responsible business and investment will be essential to achieving this transformational change. All companies can play a role in meeting the ambitious targets of the SDGs. While the scale and scope of the global goals are unprecedented, the fundamental ways that business can contribute remain unchanged.

The UN Global Compact asks companies to first do business responsibly and then pursue opportunities to solve societal challenges through business innovation and collaboration – both important contributions to the SDGs. In short, companies must not make the world’s problems worse before they try to make them better.

Acknowledging the diversity of our members, the second day of the Spring Meeting 2017 in the Global Compact Nordic Network, will offer break-out sessions in an array of topics. Participants will be able to attend sessions centred on a topic relevant to their own business. Due to logistics, we would be grateful if you could choose which break-out session to attend already when registering for the meeting.

Detailed descriptions for the break-out sessions can be found here.

08.15-08.45    Transportation to Volvohallen

08.45-09.00    Time to find your break-out session 

09.00-10.30    Break-out sessions part one 

A.    Global Compact Training
A.    A practical session on what it means to be a GC signatory

B.    Achieving real change for children and families now and for the future
B.    Children’s Rights and Business Principles

C.    Partnership as key to address common challenges
C.    Supply Chain Sustainability

D.    Why digital innovation initiatives should be the CSO’s best friend
D.    Digitalisation and Sustainability

D.    Detailed descriptions for the break-out sessions can be found here.

10.30-11.00    Break and Network opportunity

11.00-12.30    Break-out sessions part two

E.    Spur people to action
E.    How to Communicate Sustainability Effectively

F.    Equipping compliance officers to get what they need
F.    Building the Case for Anti-Corruption

G.    With people in focus: the drive for innovation and sustainable development
G.    Human Rights and Sustainability

H.   Lessons from Sustainable Mobility: How Partnerships Can Put Your Company In The Driving Seat

D.    Detailed descriptions for the break-out sessions can be found here.

12.30-13.00    Global Compact 2020 Strategy and Closing

  • Ole Lund Hansen, UN Global Compact
  • Susanna Zeko, Focal Point Global Compact Nordic Network
  • Sara Krüger Falk, Global Compact National Coordinator, Denmark

13.00-13.00    Lunch and Transportation back to central Gothenburg