The Global Compact Network Sweden is launched!



The Global Compact Network Sweden was officially launched on 22 March in Stockholm, Sweden. Its Launch ceremony was attended by over 100 people. During the event, different speakers from a variety of sectors spoke about their engagement with UNGC and their ambitions of what the network can bring to the table for the Swedish community. Lise Kingo also attended this event and spoke about the importance of establishing Local Networks so as to make Global Goals local business.

The Swedish companies were originally part of the Global Compact Network Nordic Countries, which included Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland and was created in 2009. This platform provided GC participating companies with the ability to collaborate and take part in proliferating the importance of Ten Principles and responsible business. Given the 2030 Agenda now emphasizes a greater opportunities for national implementation of the SDGs, 5 countries have been working to establish independent, national Local Networks. Following Danish launch in October 2017, GCN Sweden pledges to bring together local businesses to advance the responsible business and the SDGs. The Network Nordic Countries will continue to exist as a knowledge sharing platform for these 5 countries.

Swedish participating countries have warmly welcomed the new local network with many wishing to engage more in the future. In a survey conducted prior to the establishment of the Swedish Network, two thirds of the participants indicated their interest in the new network with many wishing for the network to be an occasion to share experiences and knowledge as well as an opportunity to address more Swedish specific or sector specific topics.

The new board for the UNGC Network Sweden constitutes of 9 individuals from different sectors of Swedish companies and is headed by Erik Belfrage as Chairman of the Board.
The other elected board members are:

Malin Ripa, Volvo Group
Théo Jaekel, Advokatfirman Vinge
Mia Edofsson, Akademiska Hus
Carina Lundberg Markow, Folksam
Emma Ihre, Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå
Frida Koff, Hemfrid
Kerstin Lindvall, ICA
Gabriel Lundström, SEB



For more information, please contact Margi Mataj, Head of Secretariat for Global Compact Network Sweden.
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